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On the Road Again!
Hallo all!

Once again, my TARDIS is all packed up in her trailer for the trip to Gallifrey One.

She'll be set up on Friday morning and taken down sometime on Sunday afternoon, so plan your cosplay pictures now!

About to hit the road. Stopping somewhere in Arizona tonight.

Hope to see y'all there!

Stop by and say 'howdy!'

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Hi there! I had a picture or two taken with your TARDIS this weekend at Gally, and thank you very much for it. It made me very happy.

I have a somewhat weird question - what is the blue that you used to paint the TARDIS? A coworker of my husband saw the pictures I took and loves that color blue and wants to use it for some trim in her house, I believe.

It's Dunn-Edwards Rainy Lake, I believe.

It was a brilliant move to use fanvids as bait for a moving crew. I don't suppose you could post a linklist of what you played? There were too many for me to remember, and I loved all of them.

Hey Tara, I have a question. I want to paint one of my doors to look like the TARDIS--but what paint should I use? Everyone has a different opinion, but I have seen your TARDIS, and it looks right, and I wondered if you remembered what brand and color of paint you used.

Any info appreciated.


I used Dunn Edwards brand paint, color 'Rainy Lake'.

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