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Yes, that's my police box. Get yours and we'll race.

On the Road Again!
Hallo all!

Once again, my TARDIS is all packed up in her trailer for the trip to Gallifrey One.

She'll be set up on Friday morning and taken down sometime on Sunday afternoon, so plan your cosplay pictures now!

About to hit the road. Stopping somewhere in Arizona tonight.

Hope to see y'all there!

Stop by and say 'howdy!'

The TARDIS has landed
It's official.

The TARDIS is now in Albuquerque.

When she's ready for visitors, I'll make another announcement.

It might be a while. . .

TARDIS is on the move again. . .
The TARDIS took a little damage at Dragon Con.

We had our computer equipment knocked to the floor on Friday night and then some somebitch stole the St. John's Ambulance label off the front door on Saturday night.

But there were an awful lot of people who enjoyed seeing her.

To see a small selection of the photos go to


Anyhoo, she's loaded up and on her way back to New Mexico.

Unfortunately, she'll probably spend a bit of time in her trailer until we sort out the housing situation.

I'll post as soon as I have news.

To the drunken asshole. . .
who got into the TARDIS last night and showed off to all his drunken friends by busting up the TARDIS' controls (the Mac Mini, monitor, keyboard & mouse), I hope you fall off a barstool real soon before you kill somebody with a car.


The TARDIS is up and running and posing for pictrues at DragonCon.

We're in the Sheraton, on the third floor, in front of the Grand Ballroom A.

Come get your picture taken with the TARDIS!

On the road again!
Hi all!

Well, we're in Kansas City tonight and hope to make Nashville tomorrow night.

Still no official word on where exactly where the TARDIS will be placed.

They have narrowed it down to the second floor of Sheraton, outside a ballroom.

Will post more when I know more.

Packing, packing, packing
Our TARDIS is about 80% packed for the trip to DragonCon.

We're leaving Tuesday morning and should be arriving in Atlanta on Thursday.

No word yet on the exact placement of the TARDIS; the official word is-- somewhere in the Sheraton, somewhere near a ballroom, in a public place.

Narrows it right down, no?

Details to follow as I get them.

Moving, moving, moving.
Well, Colorado has been interesting, but I'm afraid it's not what we're looking for.

My allergies are gradually returning to Austin levels, and that's very bad.

We're looking at buying a house in Albuquerque and we'll be taking several trips down there to look at houses with ceilings tall enough for our TARDIS.

We'll be attending DragonCon and of course, next year's Gallifrey One.  But other than that, all other cons are up in the air right now.

I'll keep y'all posted on my TARDIS's whereabouts.

Next TARDIS gig
 Well, it's official.

My TARDIS is going to DragonCon.

The DH and I have tickets and hotel reservations and the TARDIS will be taking up room in the Brit Track room.

Now all we gotta do is get her there.

Finally settling in in Broomfield
 We got the stuff moved into the house in Broomfield (in the middle of a bizzard -- no joke) only to have to drop everything and run to Texas when the DH's mother died.

It was a pretty awful ten days.

But we're finally home and finally settling in.

The TARDIS is in the house.  It looks great in our living room.

Tonight, I'm hoping to get the lights hooked up.

Oh, and I got interviewed for the podcast Podshock about my TARDIS.  It should be up on iTunes next week.


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